What Are Vannamei Prawns And What You Must Know?

What Are Vannamei Prawns And What You Must Know?

The Vannamei Prawn Singapore, also referred to as the white prawn, has a pleasant flavour, a strong structure, and is high in protein. Once cooked, they turn greyish white, then pink. These have been de-shelled for your comfort, with the tail still attached for a more visually appealing presentation.

The prawns are an elementary component to work with! They are excellent on their own and can be prepared in a variety of ways. Grilled shrimp on skewers, salad tossing, shrimp cocktail, cooked with pasta and rice – there’s just so much one could do with them!

What Are Ang Kar Prawns? 

Ang Kar prawns are among the most prevalent wild sea prawns seen in wet markets. As a result, this is the most frequent shrimp used by gigantic Prawn Mee restaurants. Because the shell is thinner and the tails are highly meaty, you receive a lot of prawn flesh per kilo. Their form makes them easily identifiable in markets. Their tail is large and flat, and despite the name “Ang Kah,” which means “red leg” in Hokkien, they do not necessarily have red legs. Their colour varies from a clear yellowish-white to a reddish hue, and they can grow to be fairly enormous.

Meanwhile, get some of these delicious prawns at your neighbourhood wet market. You would not only be helping a vital local sector, but you will also discover that the taste and purity of the seafood are significantly more significant than that available in stores!

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