Root Canal For Children: Everything You Need To Know According To A Kids Dentist Singapore

Root Canal For Children: Everything You Need To Know According To A Kids Dentist Singapore

A root canal is a method of removing infected pulp from a tooth in your child. The pulp is the tissue that surrounds the tooth roots and contains nerves and blood vessels. Your child’s tooth is secured to their gums and jawbone by each root. If your child’s tooth is broken or infected, they may need a root canal from a  kids dentist singapore. A root canal can also be caused by an infection (pocket of pus), cavities, or an injury. Both milk teeth and permanent teeth can benefit from a root canal. Baby teeth are supposed to come out naturally.

Preparing The Child

  • Your youngster may be afraid of going to the dentist or having a procedure done. Assist your child in comprehending what will occur. Explain that they will be given pain medication.
  • X-rays may be used to evaluate the area, depending on your kid’s age. The images will demonstrate the severity of the infection and assist your provider in determining the size and shape of the root canals.
  • To keep your child pain-free during the surgery, they will be given a local anesthetic. Antibiotics may also be administered to him to assist avoid bacterial infection.

After The Operation

Following the treatment, your child may experience some discomfort. This discomfort is quite normal and will pass in a few hours. The kids dentist singapore may prescribe pain medication or suggest an NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug).


  • It can be hard to make a definitive diagnosis.
  • Discomfort or sensitivity after surgery.
  • Swelling and infection after surgery.
  • Mouth opening is restricted.
  • An item with a poor healing reaction.
  • It’s possible that additional treatment is required.
  • Tooth loss that occurs too soon.
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