Types of leather used for making a leather bag

Types of leather used for making a leather bag

Every piece of leather is unique, ensuring that somehow there is something perfect for you. When you’re usually on the road, you’ll need leather that is tough, easy to care for, and long-lasting. For people who value the nice things in life, silky soft leatherette may be desired for a luxurious experience. Nowadays you can buy¬†leather bags online singapore without any fear of getting cheated. Below are some of the types of leather.

  • Full Grain: This leather is among the components for greater quality leather handbags. This is the most resilient part of the animal’s skin, and it gives the leather a great feel. The appeal of this leather has been that it creates tarnish over time, giving it that lovely patina that tells your bag has been worn and cherished.
  • Pebbled style: This sort of leather does have an elevated texture that gives it the form of a pebble, as the name indicates. It provides character to real leather bags even while protecting them from scratches. Pebbled leatherette is a good option when you want a backpack something you shouldn’t have to worry about.
  • Pull up: It is a polishing method that is commonly utilized on upper grain leather. It operates by injecting heated oils or waxes into the skin, or both, on occasions. This finished procedure creates a two-tone look on the material that differs from leather tarnish in that it does not degrade the leather.


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